Are you a manufacturer?

Infor VISUAL has solutions tailored to your industry

If your business is manufacturing and you use work orders, take a closer look at Infor VISUAL. It is the software choice for manufacturers looking to optimize their business processes and profitability.

Since 1994, Visual South has been providing exceptional software, services and solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMB). Our customers, along with over 4,000 companies world-wide, have enhanced their business performance with the best fully integrated ERP and work order management software on the market today.

As a Gold Certified partner of Infor, we believe Infor VISUAL is second to none when it comes to an on-premise solution. Our manufacturing customers are diverse, but a commonality they all share is handling work orders. Infor VISUAL optimizes their ability to fulfill work orders thereby positively impacting their business costs, inventory turns, quality, financials and much, much more.

Additionally, Infor VISUAL offers the ability to personalize within the software framework, and an end-user friendly interface makes getting started a straightforward process.

Infor VISUAL is the foundation on which we build our customer’s success.

Like the cornerstone of a building, Infor VISUAL is the foundation on which we build our customer’s success. The bricks and mortar holding the cornerstone in place is the service our project team delivers combined with our ClearFocus 6-step implementation methodology. As you might expect, the members of our Professional Services Organization are ERP and technology experts. However, what truly sets them apart from the rest is their business proficiency, and specifically their understanding of manufacturing. Every individual in our Professional Services Organization has worked in manufacturing. We take the time to listen to your needs, formulate a solution, and then use an Infor ERP solution as our primary tool to optimize your business performance.

Implementing a new system can seem like a daunting task, but with over 20 years of experience in implementation, Visual South has honed the implementation process into our 6-step ClearFocus methodology that guides your personnel and your data through each planned phase. We will get your new system implemented from start to finish in a smooth, efficient, and effective manner.

Visual South. Let us show you how software, services and solutions can turn your business goals into realized processes, procedures, and optimal business performance.