The ClearFocus Implementation Process

Project Planning

Before execution comes planning. During the first phase of implementation we’ll identify your goals, define the scope, create a project plan, and identify the implementation team.

Software Install & Data Conversion

Next we’ll focus on your ERP install. This includes gathering legacy data, mapping it in Excel, and scrubbing and importing all other data sources.

Process Development & Training

In phase three, we’ll focus on developing new processes to maximize the functionality of your ERP system. Once this system is fully developed, we work with your implementation team to train employees and end users.

Pilot Testing

We’ll validate every step of your process, as the best way to ensure your new system is running smoothly is by running orders through your test database. This also helps your employees feel more confident in the new system post-launch.

ERP Launch & Post-Launch Support

It’s time to go live! We load all dynamic data, monitor transactions, and resolve bugs before they become issues. We also support you after the launch to help fine tune your processes.

How can ERP implementation help you?

Take the weight of implementation off your shoulders.

With Visual South as your partner, you don’t have to be an ERP or ISM implementation expert. We’ll work together, step-by-step, through our defined ERP implementation process so you’re comfortable with the system when you go live.

Start seeing the benefits of the product you’ve invested in.

Purchasing software is a wise investment—as long as it’s implemented correctly. When you partner with Visual South, turning off your legacy system and powering up your Infor software will be one thing: successful.

Make sure it’s done right.

We take you through a careful and meticulous soft launch to ensure your system works precisely as planned before you go live. We’ve facilitated hundreds of service management and ERP implementations, and we have the experience needed for a smooth launch.

Success Stories

“[Visual South] did an extremely good job leading us through the implementation process, identifying what steps we needed to take…and providing consultation to us on a regular basis to make sure we were on track. This was invaluable to us getting up and running in the time we had to make that happen.”

Peter Nicholas

General Manager, TIGHITCO, Inc.

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