The ERP Upgrade Process

Pre-conversion of current database

This is the foundation of your upgrade. The pre-conversion helps us assure there are no data issues that complicate an upgrade; it provides you a database to explore the software’s new features; and it allows for application testing.

Install upgraded database in a stand-alone test environment

A converted database isn’t of much help if it’s not accessible. Creating a stand-alone environment allows you to explore and test without affecting your live, production environment.

Provide a new features overview

We'll give you a high-level of notable new features available to your organization. 

Assist in developing testing procedure

You know your company; we know the risks associated with any upgrade. Together, we develop a plan to provide the safest path to a successful upgrade.

Execute the testing procedure

Prove to yourself everything works in the – and with the – new upgraded version.

Live upgrade and post upgrade support

Typically, the actual upgrade to your production database takes place on a weekend. We are there when your employees start using the new, upgraded version to assist in any issues that may arise.

How can an upgrade managed by Visual South help you?


We have a proven methodology.

With Visual South as your partner, you don’t have to be an expert in successfully upgrading your database, and rolling out that upgrade to your organization with minimal disruption. We’ll work together, step-by-step, using our defined upgrade process, so you’re comfortable with the system before you go live with the new version.

We understand the new features.

Why just upgrade and not take advantage of the new features you already invested in? Let us guide you through which features you should consider implementing, and which ones you shouldn't. Then we will assist you in modifying your current processes to incorporate these new features.

Make sure it’s done right.

We take you through a careful and meticulous soft launch to ensure your system works precisely as planned before you go live. We’ve facilitated hundreds of ERP upgrades, and we have the experience needed for a smooth launch.

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Final thought

Don't run your business with ERP software, operating systems, and database engines that are outdated or unsupported. It's not worth the risk.

Nick Mendolia

Director of Client Solutions, Visual South