Why VISUAL Training?


New employee onboarding

Provide new employees a strong foundation on the functionality available. Untrained employees don't benefit from the investment you made in VISUAL; and neither does the company. In addition, untrained employees can populate the database with bad data, hurting downstream departments who rely on that information.

Refresher courses to get a new perspective

If you have been using the ERP the same way for a long period of time, there may be new functionality to make your processes more efficient.

Remotely delivered, just for you

Choose from our menu below, and we will schedule at your convenience. Because these classes are delivered remotely, multiple people can be trained at once. Also, the classes are broken down into 4-hour sessions, not full day sessions. This allows employees to train and still have time for their regular job.

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Here are the topics we offer. Each session is 4 hours.

VISUAL Overview

Session Topics - Basic Navigation, Workflow, Document Lifecycle, Right Click Menus, View Panels, Document Maintenance, Notes/Specifications, Export to Excel, Help Documentation, Infor Support, Search Capabilities, User Defined Fields, Tasks and Activities, Lifecycle Notifications, Messages/Macros, Personal Menu, Dashboards, Standard Reports/Outputs


Session 1 Topics - Part Maintenance, Vendor Pricing, Cost Information, Shop Resource Maintenance, Capacity

Session 2 Topics - Resource Groups, Resource Calendars, Shop Views, Operation Types, Service Maintenance, Service Parts

Session 3 Topics - Vendor Pricing, Service Planning Window, Manufacturing Window, Quote Masters

Session 4 Topics - Engineering Masters, Work Orders, Drill-Down Details, Scheduling Options


Session Topics - Customer and Part Maintenance, Estimating Window, Customer Order Entry, Work Orders and Inventory Transactions, Shipping

Accounts Receivable

Session Topics - Costing Utilities, Posting Manufacturing Journals, Return Material Authorizations, Invoicing, Cash Application, Receivable Inquiry, Collections


Session Topics - Vendor Maintenance and Set-Up, Warehouse and Locations, Vendor Quotes, RFQ Entry, Purchase Requisition, Creating a Purchase Order, Receiving, Service Dispatch

Accounts Payable

Session Topics - Accounts Payable Invoice Entry, Matching AP Invoices, Purchase Returns and Credits, Posting Transactions, Aged Payables Vendor History, GL Transaction Reports, Payable Payment Entry and Inquiry


Session 1 Topics - Scheduling Concepts, Scheduling Options, Scheduling Preferences, Shop Resource Maintenance

Session 2 Topics - Resource Groups, Shop Views, Work Order Priorities, Material Availability

Session 3 Topics - Concurrent Resources, Groups and Concurrent Resources, Global Scheduler, Scheduling Window

Session 4 Topics - Scheduling Reports, Dispatch Report, Work Order Status Report, Foreman's Report

Audit & Closing

Session 1 Topics - Reconcile Cash Book to Bank, Audit Payables Audit, Accruals Audit, PO Accrual Report, PO Accrual Analysis, Uninvoiced Receiver Analysis

Session 2 Topics - Inventory Audit, Inventory Balance Report, Inventory Valuation Report, Inventory Cost Layer Detail

Session 3 Topics - Costing Utilities, FIFO Analysis

Session 4 Topics - Work In Process Audit, WIP Balance Report, Recalculate WIP Balances, WIP Valuation Report, Journal Preparation Analysis, Gross Profit Audit, Job Costing Audit

Material Planning & Inventory Management

Session 1 Topics - Warehouse Maintenance, Independently Planned Warehouses, Order Policies

Session 2 Topics - Unit of Measure Conversions, Material Planning Window, Master Production Schedule

Session 3 Topics - Material Requirements Planning, Outside Service, Outside Service Planning Window, Outside Service Dispatch

Session 4 Topics - Physical Inventory, Cycle Count, ABC Analysis

Session 5 Topics - Consignment Inventory, Advanced Material Planning Module, Forecasting


Session 1 Topics - Review of the OpenText Reporter, Installing OpenText Reporter, Connecting to the VISUAL Database, VISUAL Database Architecture, Modifying Standard Report Output Formats

Session 2 Topics - Creating Your Own Database Query, Query Tool in VISUAL, Creating Your Own Custom Reports, Intro to SSRS, Relational Database Structure

Session 3 Topics - Visual Dashboards, Delivered Analytics, How to Create Custom Analytics


Session 1 Topics - Costing Methods, Shop Resource Maintenance, Service Maintenance

Session 2 Topics - Employee Maintenance, Part Maintenance, G/L Interface

Session 3 Topics - Costing Utilities, Building Estimates and Standards, Cost Simulation, Work Order Cost Flow

Session 4 Topics - Adding and Applying Costs, Receipts and Shipments, Auditing Features and Reports, Splits and Co-Products

Multisite Functionality

Session Topics - Tenant/Site, Intercompany Transactions, Financial Reporting, Site Specific Functionality, Site Security Considerations


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