Infor VISUAL is a leading-edge enterprise resource planning solution for a small or midsized organization. If you’re looking to better understand your profitability, accurately schedule your shop floor, unify your work orders, and shed light on your production capacity, VISUAL is ideal for you. Our customers—along with over 4,000 companies worldwide—trust Infor VISUAL to help keep the promises they’ve made to their customers.

Infor VISUAL Features

A Mobile-Friendly Application

Enable your employees to access your ERP system and all of their necessary data wherever they go.

A Personalized User Interface

Enjoy VISUAL’s elegant, informative, and easy-to-personalize user interface.

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On-Premise Or Hosted Deployment

Whether you choose to deploy VISUAL on-premise or have it hosted, you can rest assured your data is secure.

Powered By Microsoft SQLServer Database

Built upon OpenText Team Developer, OpenText TD Mobile, Microsoft .NET, and integrated with Microsoft Office, VISUAL takes advantage of the very latest technology.

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Costing, Scheduling, & Material Planning Tools

Shed light on your capacity, materials, inventory, productivity, and profitability using VISUAL’s tools.

Available In 10 Languages

Give users the option of Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, or Czech/Slavic.

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Gain unparalleled functionality for the value.

VISUAL offers an incredible breadth and depth of functionality at a highly competitive price. For small and midsized companies, VISUAL is a standout ERP for end-to-end work order-driven manufacturing.

Get your ERP up and running quickly.

With an intuitive, clean design and an easy-to-use interface, your team can learn the new ERP system rapidly. And with Visual South by your side, you’ll walk through a meticulous soft launch and detailed employee training to make sure your actual launch is smooth and simple.

Ensure your products meet the highest-quality standards.

VISUAL allows you to set rules and standards that will cut back on errors and place quality control measures in place. This means your customers will get a better product while you save money by avoiding rework or mistakes because of incorrect information on the shop floor.

“Infor VISUAL was by far our best choice: no customization [was] needed, which meant the lowest cost, fastest implementation time, and quickest return on our investment.”

Jill Burns

Operation Controller, ICx™ Technologies

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