Why Visual Time and Attendance?


Track employee time

VTA helps not only collect the time of direct/hourly employees, but also the time of salaried/indirect workers.

Functionality for alternative compensation scenarios

If sophisticated overtime and shift rules exist, or employees are paid by the piece produced, VTA can help with this.

Supervisor approval workflow

VTA has a built in workflow for supervisors to view, edit, and approve their workers’ time.

Payroll Integration

VTA is built to integrate with major payroll providers, so once time is approved, there is a seamless process to pay them.


VISUAL Time and Attendance Overview Demo


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Success Stories 

Visual Time & Attendance is an integral tool for Zima Corporation. We use VTA to report payroll time, collect labor against work orders and request time off. Production employees can barcode their time, or report using a VTA Timesheet, depending on what makes sense for that employee. Supervisors can quickly manage and approve their department’s time. Accounting extracts approved time to process payroll. VTA is a tool that provides our company benefits while saving dollars.

Tim Stanley

IS Manager, Kuesters Zima Corp.