Why CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine Training?


New employee onboarding

Provide new employees a strong foundation on the functionality available. Untrained employees don't benefit from the investment you made in CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine; and neither does the company. In addition, untrained employees can populate the database with bad data, hurting downstream departments who rely on that information.

Refresher courses to get a new perspective

If you have been using the ERP the same way for a long period of time, there may be new functionality to make your processes more efficient.

Delivered how you want

Let’s discuss your needs, and we will put together a training plan tailored to your needs. We can provide training either remotely, or in person, whichever you prefer.

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Not sure what you need? Here are some areas of training to consider

CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine Overview

Session Topics - High Level Solution Overview, User Interface

Sales and Orders

Session Topics - Customer Relationship, Customer Service and Order Entry, Advanced Order Entry, Estimates, Return Material Authorization, Portals: Customer and Reseller, Credit Card Interface


Session Topics - Purchase Orders and Requisitions, Request for Quote, Inventory, Portal: Vendor

Planning & Scheduling

Session Topics - Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Scheduler


Session Topics - BOM/ECN, Job Orders, Co-products and By-products, Production Schedules and JIT/Kanban, Projects, Factory Track, Process Manufacturing


Session Topics - Customer, Enterprise, In-process, Supplier


Session Topics -Service Management, Advanced Planned Maintenance


Session Topics - General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Costing Foundation, Multi-currency, Tax Interface, Excel Financial Toolset

Human Resources

Session Topics - Human Resources and Payroll


Session Topics - Using and Configuring Multi-site

Infor OS

Session Topics - Infor OS components and Document Management

System Configuration & Administration

Session Topics - Cloud Configuration, System Administration, Portals, Version Uplifts

System Extensions & Integration

Session Topics - Application Extensions, Form Personalization, Mongoose Reporting, Application Event System, Workbench Suite and DataViews



Something to ponder

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Want to discuss CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine training?