Proactive services help smooth out the inevitable bumps in the road, and put you in position to get the most out of your people and processes.


Keep moving forward even if you lose important people

We can help when someone leaves unexpectedly, or temporarily fill the gap for someone who is expected to be out.

Don’t let lack of information hold your organization back

People need information to do their jobs, but sometimes companies don’t have the resources to get it. Not having information comes at a cost; give your resources the tools they need to keep you running at peak efficiency.

Create a strategy for getting the most from your ERP investment

Going live on an ERP is not the end; it's the beginning. Let us help put together a plan for continuous improvement to run the best you can run. We can help educate and empower your employees, so your internal knowledge and self-reliance grows instead of fading away.

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These services can help you continue to get the most from your ERP investment on a regular basis.

Remote controller

Are you in between financial resources or ramping up a new resource? Do you have someone out on a prolonged leave of absence? Visual South provides outsourced accounting services. Basically, we will perform month-end activities, year-end activities, closing, financial report preparation, and any other tasks associated with closing. Our consultants not only know how Infor ERP works, they have industry experience and can fill this gap for you for any length of time.

Quarterly upgrades

Infor releases patches on a regular basis to their on-premise solutions, and we have numerous customers that want to take advantage of both the bug fixes in these patches, as well as the new functionality released in them. We can set up a regular cadence of applying these patches in your environment, so you are always as up-to-date as you want to be. Every environment is different, so we work with your resources to make sure the process is smooth and seamless for your organization.

Report writing

We regularly provide report writing services to our customers. It doesn’t matter what the platform; we most likely have expertise. If you aren’t sure, we can give a recommendation based on your specific situation. Many of our customers need information, but they may not have a resource on staff to write reports, or they simply do not have the time to do it themselves. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we'll get it created for you!

Proactive issue resolution and continuous improvements

A lot of questions pop up on a daily basis about how best to accomplish tasks in the software. For example, why it is doing what it is doing, is there a better way to do this, and so on. Oftentimes companies do not have an organized way of making sure these questions are answered, thus allowing you to run as optimally as possible. How do you make sure? We can help by creating an infrastructure to capture these questions/issues, and then have a regularly scheduled time with our Infor ERP experts to address these questions. We tailor the cadence to your needs. Some customers want once a month, others once a quarter, and others want biweekly sessions. Whatever option you choose, you will be increasing your organization’s effectiveness by maximizing your use of your ERP solution.

Onboarding assistance

Let’s face it, people do come and go. And, it is very common for all of the knowledge to walk out the door when someone moves on. Then, the person that replaces them is frequently brought in and “trained” by people who may not necessarily be qualified to train them. When this happens in multiple departments, or multiple times over the course of a few years, your organization’s ERP knowledge level is severely degraded. This then often triggers the creation of spreadsheets, paper based processes, and workarounds because there is not an understanding of how the ERP works. Prevent this vicious cycle from happening by allowing Visual South to train your new or recent hires as part of your onboarding process.

Technical Interviews

Are you hiring someone to take on a technical leadership role for your Infor ERP deployment? If you believe you have found the right person, but don't have a way to truly understand how much technical knowledge this person has with the ERP system, let us help. We can interview the candidate on your behalf, and report back to you with our assessment of your candidate’s skill set, so an informed hiring decision can be made.

Success Stories

“Visual South is like an employee of my company… Visual South is our information systems department. I can call on them for major projects… they are like my outside employee whenever I need something else done.”

Donita Stewart

Southwood Corporation

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