A Full ERP Terminology Dictionary: 159 Terms Defined

    By Jack Shannon on 8/12/20 10:00 AM

    Topics: ERP research
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    Addressing Enterprise-Level Needs with Infor CloudSuite Industrial

    By Tim O'Brien on 8/5/20 10:00 AM

    Customer success with Infor CloudSuite Industrial

    Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) ERP is specifically designed for manufacturers. The greatest benefit, as well as differentiator of the system, is that it can address almost all business needs. Providing a complete, integrated, and single-sourced application is an important—and rare—asset to have as an ERP provider.

    Topics: ERP selection
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    Manufacturing Metrics: How to Measure Profitability

    By Tim O'Brien on 7/29/20 10:00 AM


    Measuring performance in a manufacturing environment is critical

    How manufacturers measure their performance varies from company to company. We often see companies using manufacturing metrics or KPIs that are not necessarily what they need, but rather what they know can be measured (and trusted). That is a big difference. When the critical determinants for collecting data are largely based on technical infrastructure, discipline, and existing processes, that data might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

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    20 Best ERP Implementation Resources

    By Bryan Foshee on 7/22/20 10:00 AM

    Everything you need in one place

    Over the last few years, we have created a ton of content about ERP implementations. This blog brings our most popular articles together for you in one place! In no particular order, here are our 20 best resources.

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    ERP for Small Manufacturers: Top Considerations

    By Tim O'Brien on 7/15/20 10:00 AM

    How should small manufacturers address their ERP needs?

    Small manufacturing companies are often caught in the conundrum of aligning business needs with sometimes arbitrary budgets. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with many small manufacturers looking for ERP solutions, and it is always an interesting balance between the functionality they want, what they can actually utilize, and what they are willing to invest financially.

    Topics: ERP selection
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    ERP vs. MRP: Which System is Right in a Manufacturing Environment?

    By Jack Shannon on 7/1/20 10:00 AM

    It’s really no contest

    If you are looking for software to manage your small to medium-sized discrete manufacturing business and don’t know if you need MRP (material requirements planning) or ERP (enterprise resource planning), let me make this easy for you. You should look for an ERP system. Read on to learn why.

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    Your ERP Implementation & Go-Live Date is the Beginning, Not the End

    By Jack Shannon on 6/24/20 10:00 AM

    A little background

    When I started as a plant manager, we were running the business with two software systems. One was a well-known accounting package that did what it was designed to do. The other was a home-grown production system and we had no access to the source code. It was a constant problem. Our IT person spent half of his time keeping it running. For all that effort and cost, all it did was produce various lists of orders we had. We didn’t know our costs, our bottlenecks, or our open capacity. (That’s the short list of information we were missing.) Every decision we made was based on gut feel and inaccurate/bad data. The company knew how to make their product, but they didn’t know how to manage a production floor.

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    Is an End of Life Planned for Sage 500?

    By Bryan Foshee on 6/17/20 10:00 AM

    Some background before we begin

    I speak with many companies and a number of those conversations revolve around ERP software evaluations. Recently, I’ve had quite a few conversations with companies who are running Sage 500, or MAS 500. They ask me whether the rumors about a Sage 500 end of life are true and if so, what the future holds for their ERP system. To be clear, I represent Infor ERP and that is where my expertise lies. I am not an expert in any competitive solutions, but my views are shaped by what I hear from the people I talk with. In this article, I’ll give a quick rundown of what I think you should expect with your Sage 500 ERP.

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    Our Top 15 Infor Product Resources from 2019

    By Jack Shannon on 5/27/20 6:00 AM

    Manufacturing is our passion

    At Visual South, we create a lot of content for our website. We publish at least 52 blogs each year, along with videos and white papers. Our passion is to help manufacturing companies become better, more efficient companies. Not to brag, but we are good at what we do; we know a great deal about our industry and share what we know.

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    How to Use Machine Data to Drive Profitability in Infor VISUAL

    By Tim O'Brien on 5/20/20 10:00 AM

    What is machine data and why does it matter?

    Machine data is feedback that comes directly from the operational resource on the production floor. It is true, real-time data of run rates and cycle times that can provide exceptionally valuable information for companies where managing capacity is critical and actual costs need to be accurate.

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