Why do VISUAL customers consider a move to a different ERP deployed in the Cloud?

A corporate decision was made to move to the Cloud.

Well, looks like the decision has been made. Contact us to learn about CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine and how Infor assists in the ERP transition through transitional maintenance, on-line training for CSI, and VISUAL data conversion to the Cloud.

The risk of an on-premise ERP is too great.

Here’s the irony: One of the items that cause people to lose interest in a Cloud solution is the “risk” of having your ERP data “out there in the Cloud”. The reality is this: The risk of being a victim of a ransomware attack is far greater with an on-premise ERP than a Cloud solution hosted on Amazon Web Services. We have customers that have been victims of a ransomware attack. They were all on-premise solutions; and the costs can easily run into six figures.

The business has changed or grown and VISUAL doesn’t handle all of it anymore.

Perhaps post-sale Service has become a bigger part of your business and you need a more robust suite of functionality to manage it. Maybe there is a growing need for customer and vendor portals, or statistical forecasting built into your ERP. We could go on, but the message is this: If you feel you’ve outgrown VISUAL, we should talk.

Your organization’s IT compliance issues have become more stringent.

If you need to meet ITAR or CMMC compliance, bringing your on-premise up to those standards is daunting. A Cloud solution can make the process much less daunting.

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How can Visual South help?

First and foremost, our goal is to educate you, so the best decision can be made. Our on-premise solutions and Cloud solutions are great products, but they are not one size fits all. Your business processes, your business needs, and your business goals are critical inputs in determining which solution and deployment would work best for you.

We have developed a 3-step process to guide our customers through this evaluation. This process is not something we sell. We want our customers educated in their options, so they can be comfortable with whatever decision they make regarding their ERP solution. Here is the process:

  • Step 1 - Discovery. This is a conversation we have to determine:
    • Why are you considering a Cloud deployed solution?
    • Has your business changed since you bought VISUAL? If so, how did it change?
    • What areas of your business is VISUAL not helping you manage?
    • Are there compliance issues you need to address?
    • How are you managing the risk of ransomware?
    • The total cost of VISUAL ownership.
  • Step 2 - Analysis at Visual South. We take all the information we learned in the Discovery and look at the feasibility of replacing VISUAL with CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine. If there is a fit, we calculate the total cost of ownership, along with an implementation estimate.
  • Step 3 - Presentation of findings. This is exactly as it sounds: We lay it all out for you. No fluff, no arm twisting, just the facts. From there, it goes one of three ways:
    • VISUAL is the right product for us. Great! Now you know.
    • VISUAL is the right product for us, but we need to address some issues. Let’s work on a strategy to address the issues.
    • CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine looks promising, but we need to investigate it further. We can discuss a plan to better educate you on CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine.

No matter what the outcome, you will have a deeper insight into the various options available. Click the button below to get started.

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