The Goals of the Workshop

Raise your scheduling IQ

You’ll learn what scheduling is and what it isn’t. Learn what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to scheduling.

Discover what you are doing that prevents scheduling from working

Identify bad, misleading, or missing data and/or processes that are preventing scheduling from running properly.

Assist in developing a plan to move forward

You’ll have a plan to fix the problem. Many companies can articulate all the negative consequences of not scheduling well; but they don't know how to get to the point of scheduling.


How can a scheduling workshop help you?


Make promises you can keep.

Customers require companies to predict the future by having them commit to a delivery date. Companies understand all to well their shortcomings in fulfilling their commitments; but they haven't been able to successfully address the issue. The scheduling workshop will lay out a path to finally fix the problem of late deliveries.

Get a deeper understanding of how your ERP's integration works.

Infor ERP is rich and deep in functionality. No one is born with the understanding of how it all works together. Scheduling properly and achieving 100% on-time delivery is a team effort, not an individual effort. The team has to understand how the different modules work together to help the team reach their goals.

Run your company better.

Companies who schedule properly service their customers better. They see and react to problems sooner. They know which issues need - and which issues don't need - their attention. In a word, they are more focused. Other companies do this; why can't you?

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Success Stories 

Visual South has been a vital part of our manufacturing team this past year. They have been with us all the way through a sometimes painful and at the same time exhilarating process of seeing the Scheduler work and knowing our customers will benefit in a big way. Thanks to Jack and the team at Visual South for teaching, leading and sometimes pushing us to use the tools we already have to make a difference.

Kathy Gower

Operations Manager, Merrick, Inc.