What Customers Say About Professional Services

Visual South…has some really strong individuals working for them that really understand manufacturing. They have…gone out and looked for consultants that have worked in a manufacturing plant, and you don’t always find that. ...Visual South has [employees] who have worked in manufacturing, and [they have] a really strong customer commitment with their consultants.

Kelley Hundt

MFG System Project Manager, Georgia Tech CMIT

“They’re all very knowledgable and their facility is fabulous. They are a very attentive [Infor software] reseller and very attentive to our needs… they seem to have a good understanding and have taken the time to develop a relationship with us and understand our business; therefore they’ve been able to provide us a lot better service.”

Donita Stewart

Controller, Southward Corporation

We were able to capture labor and do financial reporting the day we went live, which was a pretty good accomplishment for us.

Peter Nicholas

General Manager, TIGHITCO Inc.

We like Visual South because they have a very strong support staff… they bend over backwards if we have any problems or questions… we never feel not taken care of.

Ralf Achtelstetter

VP Of Administration, mediUSA, Manufacturing Division

On more than one occasion, they went beyond…the normal call of duty. I can’t say enough about what they did to help me personally as well as the company as a whole.

Gail Ballentine

Accounting Manager, MinTel Communications

Every time we’ve called [Visual South] to get someone in within the time frame we’ve needed them, they’ve had people in there, whether it was to upgrade packages or to help come in and make some decisions on how we should proceed in implementing the software. They’re working with us saying, ‘What do you need from us to get to the next level?’ That’s been very helpful… they’ve been very good about providing that support and very knowledgable about how to get there.

Peter Nicholas

General Manager, TIGHITCO Inc.

Visual South is like an employee of my company… Visual South is our information systems department. I can call on them for major projects… they are like my outside employee whenever I need something else done.

Donita Stewart

Controller, Southward Corporation

Visual South…did an extremely good job leading us through the implementation process, identifying what steps we needed to take and the sequence that needed to be done…and providing consultation to us on a regular basis to make sure we were on track. This was invaluable to us getting up and running in the time phase we had to make that happen. The other key thing was the support we got from Visual South, and continues to be.

Peter Nicholas

General Manager, TIGHITCO Inc.

What Customers Say About The Software



With Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), Rieke, a global packaging company, improves inventory planning, order accuracy and fulfillment, and overall global customer order visibility. Rieke also uses Infor solutions to help bridge the skills gap and improve collaboration with Infor Ming.le™.

David W. Cox

IT Manager, Rieke Packaging

…any point during the day, I can, from anywhere in the world, look at my laptop and see how well we are doing against our plan for that day.

Chris Batt

Production Manager, Herman Miller

Infor VISUAL was by far our best choice: no customization [was] needed, which meant the lowest cost, fastest implementation time, and quickest return on our investment.

Jill Burns

Operation Controller, ICx™ Technologies

Every single thing we do as a business is now tied to Infor ERP VISUAL, and this has significantly improved our efficiency and responsiveness to customers.

Tyler Keeley

President, Technicon Industries Inc.

[Infor Configure Price Quote] has been a slam dunk success for us.

Brian Robinson

VP & CIO, Huttig Building Products

Infor SyteLine has helped us reduce our inventory…by 50%. So that’s a tremendous improvement in inventory and saved quite a bit of money for operations.

Bruce A. Hagenau

President, Metcam

Five minutes after an event on the shop floor, we're able to make decisions based on the data [from Infor SyteLine].

Kenneth Kemp

IT Manager, Brentwood Industries

Using Infor ERP VISUAL, our revenues grew from $3 million a year to almost $70 million a year. It allowed us to be a small company and now a medium-sized company with even larger revenue streams.

Jon Shurtliff

IT Director, 3form Inc.

With Infor ERP VISUAL, we are getting better use out of our resources—machines and people—and this has made us more profitable.

Don Koepnick

CFO, J.C. Steele & Sons Inc.

We’ve doubled our revenues, improved productivity and process efficiency, and ultimately increased our profits—with the same number of staff.

Dorin Radu

Corporate Managing Director, Nelson Industrial

[CloudSuite Industrial] has enabled me to understand every aspect of the business… From the top line to every single expense.

Steven Honnold

CFO, Metcam

Infor’s specialized application provide[s] us with trusted information for an integrated, robust, scalable, and automated field service management system that we can count on.

Kathy Scherer

Vice President of Operations, Titan Energy Worldwide

AKG has increased sales 100% year over year in the past three years, and we credit Infor ERP VISUAL for allowing us to do that.

Rick White

President, AKG Of America

We selected Infor CRM because it is so customizable and adaptable to the sales processes in our industry.

Jason McDonald

Principal, Hermanson

In the past three years, our product throughput and revenue increased 76%. Our on-time customer deliveries increased from 64% to 98%, and on-time vendor deliveries [increased] from 69% to 98%.

Brent Fanguy

IT Director, CORTEC Fluid Control

ERP VISUAL offers us an integrated approach to all our core manufacturing requirements.

Wallace Vidal

IT Manager, Grupo BTM