Questions on how you use Infor ERP?

Our Business Process Review will document what your processes are today, and what they should be in the future

You’ve invested in the best ERP software available and while your investment is working for you, do you have that nagging feeling there may be better, more efficient ways to accomplish a variety of tasks?

Does it take you more than 3 days to close out the month?

Do you have several part numbers being entered for the same part?

Are you using Excel or Access as a “Band-Aid” solution?

Employee turnover, lack of a formal business plan and rapid growth can all lead to an erosion of ERP knowledge, resulting in a breakdown of efficiency. Our Business Process Review is a proven methodology created to help solve these types of issues by pinpointing the specific areas where slow downs are occurring.

Our consultants begin by focusing on your organization both globally and departmentally. We work with personnel across the board to gain a thorough understanding of what’s working, what’s not working, where Infor ERP is being underutilized and processes have broken down.

After the assessment is complete, we will complete an in-depth report and analysis from our findings geared at getting you to the highest level of operating efficiency. This detailed report also includes suggested action steps for improvements in procedure development, employee training, pilot testing, and report development.

You’ve invested in the best ERP software solution available. At Visual South, helping you get the most out of that investment is our continual goal.