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How Infor ERP Helps Assemble-To-Order Manufacturers

12/19/18 10:00 AM

assemble-to-orderInfor provides options

Infor provides ERP solutions that help manufacturers with all order modes, including assemble-to-order, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, build-to-stock and forecast, and mixed-mode production. Some Infor ERP solutions are manufacturing-centric—such as CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) and Infor VISUAL—and manage all manufacturing modes, including assemble-to-order, very well.

Top Infor benefits for assemble-to-order manufacturers

Infor ERP helps assemble-to-order manufacturers with their complex requirements by organizing and providing production and procurement information to the users. This ensures manufacturers have the proper materials on hand and capacity to manage assemble-to-order work orders in an efficient fashion.

A successful assemble-to-order strategy requires proper planning and scheduling. Assemble-to-order environments can be as dynamic as a true job shop because of demand volatility—an organization needs to be nimble so it can react to the ebb and flows of orders. Infor ERP provides tools that allow assemble-to-order manufacturers to meet customer requirements and promised delivery dates, even as they fluctuate.

Infor ERP helps assemble-to-order manufacturers address three critical areas:

1. Material Planning

Infor ERP offers strong MRP and Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) tools. The most common example of assemble-to-order manufacturing is when companies pull single materials from stock and then do final assembly. Infor’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tool configures finished goods with an accurate bill of material, and operations including kitting and routing for the assembled parts. Another material planning example with assemble-to-order strategies is when parts pulled from stock are matched with pre-fabricated sub-assemblies. Infor ERP makes these processes simple and removes the complexity often seen with other ERP options. Regardless of your planning policies and strategies for managing inventory levels, the Infor ERP systems help planners have both required materials and optimum material quantities on hand.

For more information about how Infor CPQ can help assemble-to-order manufacturers, see CPQ in action.

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2. Production Scheduling

Infor ERP provides customers with an assemble-to-order strategy. The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tools help production planners know what should be made and when it can be made. A key differentiator is that Infor ERP solutions look at both resource availability and required material availability in the scheduling process. This allows for best date available functionality, where you can provide customers with realistic promise dates, and you can set and manage expectations of when products will be completed and shipped.

3. Job Costing

Infor ERP allows you to choose your costing method. Many “to order” manufacturers use actual costing because it allows you to keep score, versus guessing if your standard cost estimates are accurate. Infor ERP can easily provide you with actual material, labor, and outside service costs associated with an assemble-to-order work order. You can compare actual to estimated costs, and refine pricing and quotes based on fact versus feel.


Infor provides ERP solutions to help assemble-to-order manufacturers manage their orders, ensure material availability, achieve on-time delivery, and operate within expected costs. This is achieved with a pure Infor solution, devoid of third-party products and available either on-premise or in a true cloud offering.

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Written by Tim O'Brien

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