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Benefits of the Infor API Toolkit

8/2/23 10:00 AM


API defined

One of the most common questions we hear during implementations lead by Visual South is, “Can we connect our current solution to your ERP system?”  The answer is YES.  The Infor API (Application Programming Interface) Toolkit  was built with the different manufacturing verticals in mind to manage all connected applications. In other words, it connects different applications across internal platforms or third-party platforms to share information.

Why are APIs important

Many businesses use multiple technology solutions such as CRM, ERP, Quality systems, Payroll, CAD systems, and others across the company.  APIs can connect all these solutions to help data flow from one system to another.  This saves from having to do duplicate data entry, as well as ensuring all information is current and accurate in every database. One time-saving report can be created if all applications are connected with APIs.

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Infor ION

Infor’s primary API solution is called ION (Intelligent Open Network). This solution uses APIs to aggregate various Infor products, or outside solutions into a single clearing house with a standard security model.  Infor ION API has a UI component that allows the addition of all APIs and visibility of what they are connected to.

Characteristics of Infor ION:

    • Easily integrate both Infor and third-party solutions
    • Create workflows and alerts
    • Design, standardize, monitor, and change processes with one connected system
    • Connect applications to the events in a business process
    • Easily monitor an entire business to make better business decisions


    • Proven success across 30+ Infor applications and complex 3rd party ecosystems
    • Single platform solution built for any industry with the flexibilities to drive innovation in repeatable patterns
    • Provides options for both business users and IT development teams to innovate at their desired pace and comfort level
    • Standard deployment model to support on-prem, cloud, and hybrid connections

APIs are essential

With decades of experience in varied industries, Infor recognized that APIs are essential. However, having one solution that can connect multiple applications also allows management of all APIs from a single place. Infor Ion API is a safe and secure platform that helps bring business and IT users together to innovate at their comfort level.

That is a quick overview of Infor’s API toolkit and ION. If you have questions or want to learn more about APIs, or not sure where to start, click here to sign up for a free phone consultation to discuss your situation. 

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Jason Brown

Written by Jason Brown

Jason is an Account Manager with Visual South who has almost 10 years of experience successfully helping companies plan implementations, improve processes, and find ERP solutions that meet their manufacturing needs.