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3 Common VISUAL ERP Trainings That Make a Big Impact

5/29/19 10:00 AM


Infor VISUAL ERP Training

As with any modern ERP software solution, getting the proper training on specific functional modules is necessary for initial and continued success. During implementation, you should be trained in all areas of the application.  However, for companies that have been using the VISUAL solution for some time, there are certain modules that we at Visual South recommend you take refresher courses on every so often.

Below is a list of three important Infor VISUAL ERP training subjects. When you refresh your knowledge on these modules, it has the biggest impact on keeping your processes at their best.

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#1 - Scheduling

If you have read any of my past blogs, you know how much importance I place on accurate engineering master and work order records. This is the nucleus of being able to properly schedule your finite and infinite capacity resources. 

The Scheduling module encompasses various aspects of the VISUAL ERP solution and is one of the most important areas to obtain in-depth training on. I would recommend this training course for schedulers, as well as planners, buyers, production supervisors, and customer service representatives. Getting to know how capacity is affected by materials, and vice versa, gives great insight into how the system works from the inside out. 

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#2 – Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Much like Scheduling, MRP is an area that transcends the material planner. When you understand the intricacies and nuances of material requirements planning, it helps improve data input throughout the VISUAL ERP system. 

Proper planning results are dependent on accurate customer orders, purchase orders, work orders, labor and inventory transactions, and more. Like scheduling, anyone associated in these functional areas would benefit from VISUAL ERP training and refresher courses on MRP. While this subject seems specific to a planner, it should be attended by customer service, purchasing, warehouse, and production supervisors.

#3 – Costing

From a finance perspective, it doesn’t matter if you use standard, actual, or average costing in VISUAL. The system always tracks actual costs and compares to standard (estimated) costs. Many of the same inputs that affect scheduling and MRP also have a significant impact on costing. 

This Infor VISUAL ERP training would help an accountant understand how the accuracy of the engineering masters, and subsequent labor and material transactions against work orders, play a large role in costing. A cost accountant also needs to understand the functionality of many utilities in order to properly fix and true up costs when necessary—as well as make changes to standard costs in the system.


Many Infor VISUAL ERP training courses are available for just about every function within the solution. They should all be taken at some point during implementation, and even beyond implementation, to properly understand the full functionality of the software. However, the three course topics listed above have a broad range of coverage that go beyond a single functional area. This is why I feel they are the most critical, and most recommended, courses for any company using VISUAL ERP. 

Questions? At Visual South, we can help lead you down the right path when looking to implement or improve your Infor ERP manufacturing process. We are a full-service Infor Gold Channel Partner ERP provider.

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Nick Mendolia

Written by Nick Mendolia

Nick is the VP of Professional Services at Visual South and has been in the Manufacturing industry for over 30 years. He has been involved in many ERP implementations as both a customer and as a consultant. Nick has been with Visual South since 2003.