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What Does the Infor OS Do?

9/23/20 10:00 AM


Infor OS overview

The Infor Operating Service (or Infor OS) is a cloud innovation platform of Infor-built applications that significantly enhance CloudSuite ERP, and is included with the CloudSuite ERP subscription. Infor OS is composed of many applications that allow CloudSuite customers to maximize the use of their purpose-built ERP.

Infor OS applications include:

  • Infor Birst Business Intelligence/Analytics and Infor Data Lake
  • Infor Ming.le Enterprise UX
  • Infor Ming.le Business Collaboration Toolset
  • Infor ION Event Manager and Workflow
  • Infor Mongoose Development Platform
  • Infor ION Middleware
  • Infor Coleman AI & Digital Assistant
  • Infor Document Management

The Infor OS is a comprehensive toolset which allows CloudSuite ERP users and administrators to have a virtually limitless landscape to build a complete customer-specific application that meets all their business requirements.

What does each of the Infor OS applications do?

Below is a summary of what purposes are met by each Infor OS application:

Birst Business Intelligence and Infor Data Lake – Infor provides CloudSuite ERP users with a complete analytics solution, ready to use out of the box. Unlike commonly known business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau and Power BI, the Infor Birst solution is more than just visualizations that require many other components. Birst is a complete BI solution whcih includes the Infor Data Lake, where Infor ERP data and other data sources can be pooled for data mining. The Infor Birst infrastructure also allows for quicker time to value and requires few internal resources when compared to other competing BI systems.

Infor Birst BI and Analytics Video

Ming.le Enterprise UX – The Infor Ming.le Enterprise User Experience offers easy-to-use and user-specific homepages that can include Birst Business Intelligence visualizations, KPIs, transactional forms, links to favorite forms, tasks, notifications, work flow approvals, and any type of web form. The result is a user-built environment with everything the user needs to both see and take action from a central location. The user experience is mobile friendly as well, allowing for access anywhere.

Easy to Use Infor Ming.le UX

Ming.le Business Collaboration – Collaboration via an app is a common form of communication today. Whether using Microsoft Teams or Facebook, everyone wants and expects to share information on these types of platforms. Infor understands that need and provides Infor Ming.le Business Collaboration, making it easy for companies to share information from the Infor CloudSuite application to various teams and people. This gives users a greater visibility into events, actions, approvals, changes, and detailed CloudSuite information. Again, Infor makes it easy—information feeds can be accessed via your mobile device or on your Ming.le homepage.

ION Event Manager and Workflow – This application gives users the ability to notify others when events happen, provide business processes where approvals are needed, and view events on their homepage and mobile devices. Easy-to-create business logic and rules allow companies to formalize processes, and make those required actions quick to see and approve.

Infor ION Event Manager Video

ION Middleware – The beauty of the Infor strategy is that customers can have a single-sourced and single-supported ERP ecosystem by integrating Infor CloudSuite ERP and Infor ION. Infor ION can also be integrated with third-party applications. ION Middleware simply allows easy integration of other applications to Infor ERP.

Infor ION Video

Mongoose Application Development Framework – Infor understands some companies have technical expertise and may want to personalize or extend the Infor CloudSuite ERP application. Included in the Infor OS platform is the Mongoose Development Framework toolset, which allows users to modify existing Infor CloudSuite forms, or build new applications within the ERP. As most know, there may be a small percentage of functional requirements not addressed with the native application and Infor Mongoose allows these needs to be met.

Infor Mongoose Development Framework

Coleman AI & Digital Assistant – AI with Infor CloudSuite ERP is here. Infor Coleman AI and Digital Assistant allows for extensive modeling, yet also helps simplify the user experience. Coleman can be used in much the same way as Apple’s Siri. More specifically, by having the Coleman conversational UX, a user can give verbal commands to Coleman to retrieve information. For example, if a user asked, “Coleman, how many of part 123 do we have in inventory?” Coleman will deliver that information.

Infor Coleman Video

Infor Document Management (IDM) – The Infor OS includes a full-blown document management system that is part of the Infor CloudSuite ERP application. The value is that you don’t have to purchase and implement a third-party system, as well as build the integration, because it is already done for you with IDM. You have ability to see documents on your homepage, throughout the ERP application, and even on your mobile device.

Infor Document Management Video


The Infor OS platform gives CloudSuite users a complete, easy-to-use, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-access solution. Infor understands that the usability of CloudSuite ERP is as important as its functionality. Infor continues to leverage new technology to have the most complete and pure Infor solution available, which maximizes value while minimizing risks often introduced with dependency on third-party applications.

For a more detailed Infor OS overview or information about how this platform can help your organization, please reach out for a free assessment.

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Tim O'Brien

Written by Tim O'Brien

Tim has over 20 years of successful experience helping companies improve their processes and operations using enterprise software solutions. Those enterprise solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning for manufacturers, Service Management for service oriented companies, and Enterprise Asset Management in the process manufacturing industry.