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Cloud ERP Implementation: Unique Steps in the Process

12/13/23 10:00 AM


On-premise vs. cloud ERP implementation

A cloud ERP implementation requires the same elements as an on-premise implementation from a methodology perspective, but not from a technical perspective. The difference lies in the level of responsibility.

If a company purchases an on-premise ERP solution, they are taking responsibility for the hardware and environment the ERP will be running on. They are not only responsible for the physical hardware, but the database software and availability of the ERP for access.

In comparison, the software vendor provides and is responsible for the environment with a cloud ERP implementation. The ERP is accessed via a web browser and an internet connection. As far as access, that is all that is required from the customer side of the equation. The customer also doesn’t have to apply patches for bug fixes or perform version upgrades. These things happen automatically as part of the agreement with the cloud ERP vendor.

Unique steps in a cloud ERP implementation

A cloud ERP implementation is  similar to on-premise as far as what needs to be done to successfully complete the project. But cloud ERP implementation has some unique steps at the initialization phase. After signing the software agreement, the steps typically are:

  • Provide user list to vendor (email addresses)
  • Wait for provisioning of the ERP environment
  • Access the ERP environment
  • Begin the ERP implementation

The steps will vary by ERP vendor, but the overall goal is the same, which is for the customer to be able to access their ERP environment via the internet and a browser.

Once the ERP environment is provisioned, it is largely the same process whether you are dealing with a cloud or on-premise implementation. We have written numerous blogs discussing every aspect of ERP implementation. Use these resources to make your implementation project efficient and successful:

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Choose the right way

Regardless of your choice between a cloud or on-premise ERP, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the implementation. Most companies don’t implement ERP for a living, so they need help, guidance, and advice from a partner. At Visual South, we have hundreds of years of combined experience in manufacturing and ERP implementation, and we help our customers get better every day. No matter where you are in your ERP journey, if you would like to speak with someone experienced who is not in a sales role, click here to set up a free 30-minute discussion with Jack Shannon.

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Bryan Foshee

Written by Bryan Foshee

Bryan is the Vice President at Visual South and has been working with the company since 2002. Prior to that, he was a consultant and implemented SAP in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.