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Should You Opt for Infor’s On-Premise ERP Tools?

2/10/21 10:00 AM


Infor on-premise ERP is still a great option

Companies looking for new ERP systems are predominantly only interested in cloud applications. However, some are still looking for on-premise applications. It is not as massive of a shift to cloud applications as we are led to believe. Many companies are still ok with having a server onsite because they have internal IT expertise or have a leading provider, such as Rackspace, hosting the application on a private cloud.

The flip side of the equation is that not all name-brand ERP solutions are available on-premise. For example, NetSuite is a cloud only, subscription-based model.

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Another factor when choosing between on-premise and cloud is the cost. We always provide a five-year total cost of ownership for our prospects that shows cloud subscription versus on-premise perpetual licensing. The numbers tend to favor the on-premise option. However, we do have many prospects say, “We want to get out of the hardware business. We don’t want to deal with any servers.” For businesses with that mindset, it makes the decision a lot easier.

Infor ERP applications give you options

As an Infor Gold Partner representing multiple Infor ERP applications, Visual South provides our clients with the right-sized and purpose-built applications to meet their manufacturing business requirements. As part of that, we offer both Infor on-premise and cloud ERP applications. Our process starts with listening to your needs and doing our due diligence to prescribe the best solution for your business. In contrast, other providers often offer only one option, and possibly don’t have on-premise as an option at all. That is a big deal. There is a difference between trying to make a single option fit versus having proper options to help you improve your business. The range of options with the Infor suite of applications is a benefit to you.

The Infor on-premise ERP options available include Infor CloudSuite Industrial/Syteline . Infor has recently re-adopted the SyteLine naming convention due to the huge on-premise install base using SyteLine; its well-known brand name serves as a delineation between the SaaS offering now known as CloudSuite Industrial, powered by SyteLine. Bottom line: If it is the Infor on-premise solution, it is called SyteLine; if it’s the cloud solution, it is CloudSuite Industrial. It’s the same application with different licensing bundles and deployment.

The great part about the dual option of Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine is that we can focus on addressing your business requirements and vision, versus having to worry about whether it’s a cloud product or not.

Infor VISUAL ERP is a wonderful option for discrete manufacturers wanting an outstanding ERP application that has a ton of built-in manufacturing functionality, including the newly released VISUAL 10 and its state-of-the-art browser-based VISUAL Shop Floor Mobile suite.

Infor possesses a massive customer base with these two on-premise ERP applications and a wealth of experience providing tools for helping manufacturers run their business better.

The Infor difference

We can build out a complete solution solely with Infor applications, such as Infor CRM and Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ), which are both available on-premise or in the cloud. Infor leverages Infor ION to allow for a pure Infor solution. Others need third-party products to do this, and don’t have deployment options. When evaluating ERP solutions, just remember that you have choices resulting in low-risk and easy-to-support ERP suites. Infor has little dependency on third parties, as well as, truly reduces the risk of having support and on-going compatibility issues when compared with others who are highly dependent on third parties to attempt to provide a complete solution.


If you feel more comfortable and want to keep your ERP system on a server at your location, then Infor is a great choice. Infor continues to build its on-premise applications. Best of all, if you do choose to move to the cloud at a later date, then Infor can easily migrate you from Infor SyteLine to Infor CloudSuite Industrial. But it’s your choice.

For more information about Infor on-premise ERP applications and your options with the Infor cloud as well, please reach out for a free 30-minute consultation or visit www.visualsouth.com.

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Tim O'Brien

Written by Tim O'Brien

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