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The Issue with Using QuickBooks for Manufacturing

By Tim O'Brien on 11/13/19 10:00 AM

QuickBooks & manufacturing have inherent problems

QuickBooks is an accounting-focused application that’s built for small businesses. Offering a lot of great features, it is one of the most commonly used accounting programs for all types of small companies. However, it is not an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. There’s some improved functionality available with QuickBooks Enterprise, but companies tend to outgrow that functionality quickly—especially work-order-driven manufacturers. We have seen many companies struggle when trying to determine how to use QuickBooks for manufacturing.

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Why Visual South is a Good Choice as an Infor Channel Partner

By Bryan Foshee on 4/17/19 10:00 AM

Important decisions take thought

Your ERP forms the backbone of your company. It is the platform that people use to support and execute the processes that make your company work. ERP software is a “tool” for a job, but how you use that tool is what separates good companies from great ones. ERP is also a large, often one-time investment. The partner you choose to help you bring this tool to life and apply it to your business to get the most out of your investment is of vital importance and should be carefully considered. Of all the Infor Channel Partners, here are some reasons we think Visual South is the best.

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ERP Implementation Strategy: Advice From 30+ Years of Experience

By Jack Shannon on 3/27/19 10:00 AM

Attitude isn’t everything

I’m a fan of a “can-do” attitude. Having a positive attitude helps you overcome obstacles and get through anything life throws at you. If a new ERP implementation in a manufacturing industry is something life will be throwing at your organization, a can-do attitude is the right attitude for the implementation team to have.

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What We Look for in a Consultant at Visual South

By Bryan Foshee on 11/21/18 10:00 AM

Experience in manufacturing

Visual South’s number one criterion in hiring consultants is experience in manufacturing. Almost all of our customers are responsible for making or repairing something, and the entire business usually revolves around work orders. With this being the case, our consultants have to understand manufacturing.  Typically, they held a leadership position in a manufacturing company, such as controller, CFO, plant manager, CIO, COO, or other similar titles.

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Top 10 Things I Wish My ERP Implementation Partner Told Me About

By Nick Mendolia on 10/24/18 10:00 AM

If only I had known…

...the “Top 10 Things I Wish My ERP Implementation Partner Told Me About.” This was the title of a session at a recent ERP user conference I attended. Naturally, as an ERP implementation vendor, I wanted to sit in and gain some perspective from a large group of customers.

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What to Expect During an Infor VISUAL ERP Implementation

By Nick Mendolia on 9/27/17 10:00 AM

Things to consider during an Infor VISUAL ERP Implementation

The question of what to expect during an Infor VISUAL implementation usually comes up when a company has already decided on Infor VISUAL ERP as a solution, or when it is on the final list of contenders. It’s a good question to ask before you decide to commit, as you must consider the entire solution, not just the software. In any ERP project, I would suggest that the implementation methodology is even more critical than the software itself. Let’s look at a few reasons why….

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