The Most Important Updates from the Infor VISUAL ERP 9.0 Release

    1/30/19 10:00 AM


    Some quick facts first

    VISUAL ERP Version 9.0 is an underlying technology upgrade. When an entire technology platform is upgraded, the version will change by a whole number (like 7.0, 8.0, or 9.0). When updates are made on an existing technology platform, it’s considered an intermittent release and will use decimals for the version, such as 7.1.2. 

    VISUAL ERP 9.0 supports:

    • Microsoft Windows versions 8, 9, and 10
    • Microsoft SQL Server versions 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, and 2016, as well as Oracle 12C 

    Version 9.0 has over 70 enhancements, but we will only cover the top highlights for you in this blog.

    Lifecycle notifications

    Lifecycle notifications are a really cool piece of functionality that sends notifications to users (or people outside the organization) when something happens within the system to a document they are interested in (like a sales order). The functionality includes a wizard to help users easily configure this. For example, you can have the system automatically email a customer or sales rep when an order is entered or when it ships. Or, alert someone in production that a purchase order has been received for the material they need to complete a job. 

    The system also tracks notification history so users can confirm a notification was sent, who it was sent to, and can drill down to the documents that triggered the notification. This functionality is useful because it eliminates the need for people to remember to alert stakeholders when something critical has changed in a process.

    User-defined analytics

    In VISUAL ERP Version 8.0, Infor introduced a dashboard/business intelligence tool that was fully integrated with the ERP data and delivered “out of the box” metrics for users’ dashboards. Yet there was limited ability to create user-defined analytics. 

    In version 9.0, users can now create their own analytics, including predictive analytics using history and forecasted data. These analytics can be added to dashboards and configured to have full, drill-down access to the data’s source documents.

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    Shop Floor Mobile

    The Shop Floor Mobile solution is a replacement for the VISUAL barcode transaction system using mobile technology. The solution supports the same functionality as before, but can be deployed on browser-run hardware, such as a tablet or phone. Along with the replacement of this functionality, there is also a dashboard that provides a real-time view of the shop floor, with information such as jobs, resources, clock ins/outs, and documents that may be attached to those resources. This dashboard can also be deployed on a mobile device. 

    By changing to a different technology platform, customers are allowed a greater choice of devices that are more affordable than traditional scanners, and get the ability to leverage newer technologies such as Bluetooth and QR codes.

    Lead-time performance management

    The lead-time performance management functionality allows users to look at their entire process, from quote to cash, in terms of lead time. This sort of visibility helps you analyze how long it takes for quotes to turn into orders, orders into work orders, work orders into shipments, and so on. 

    Interested in upgrading?

    In closing…

    There many more enhancements available in the VISUAL ERP 9.0 release. If you have access to the Infor support site, you can access them directly. Additionally, there is a video library embedded in version 9.0’s help menu that gives an overview of a lot of the new functionality. 

    If you have specific questions, go to our website at Visual South, then click on the “Free Consultation” button at the top—you’ll be connected to someone with over 20 years of Visual ERP experience who can answer your questions.

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    Bryan Foshee

    Written by Bryan Foshee

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