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How To Select the Right ERP System

11/9/22 10:00 AM


A big decision that you want to get right

If your company is thinking about getting or actively evaluating new ERP software, then you’re probably in a quandary about how to balance priorities and needs. Selecting the right ERP system for your company means finding one that’s not the most basic, not the most complex, not the cheapest, not the most expensive…. you get the picture. It can be tough to determine which one is a perfect fit. And to complicate matters, an ERP solution is typically a generational decision. Ideally, your company will use it for decades to come, so choosing the best ERP means being able to extract benefits from it now and way down the road.

I have worked with all sorts of companies over the past 20+ years that are trying to select the right ERP system. Some have done a really good job of thoughtfully evaluating the software; and some, not so much. And a job well done doesn’t necessarily mean the company chooses Infor, our preferred platform. I want a company to make a well-thought-out, deliberate, and educated decision that leads it to an ERP system that is right for its needs. Sometimes that is one of our solutions; sometimes it isn’t. What is difficult to see is when a company selects an ERP because it is the cheapest, the coolest, the most robust, etc.

So, how do you avoid a bad decision and select the right ERP system?

How to Select ERP


Educate yourself

When making major purchases in your personal life, I am guessing that you do your research and educate yourself. Whether it is a car, house, or refrigerator, you probably spend time learning as much as you can about the item. Not so that you become the expert in what you are buying, but so that you position yourself to learn more through the buying process. That is how you make the right decision.

Luckily, we have quite a collection of content to help you select the right ERP system. These resources are not meant to guide you toward one of our Infor ERP solutions, but rather to educate you on the process and features, so you can choose the best fit for your company.

Some suggested articles

Just getting started? The following content can help build a case for changing ERP systems:

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If you are looking to dive a little deeper into evaluation-specific content, check out these blogs:

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Want to look at things from an industry perspective? Check out these blogs:

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Need help selecting the right ERP?

No matter where you are in your evaluation journey, it is important to select the right ERP system. Want to bounce some ideas off someone with decades of ERP experience? Click here to sign up for a free phone consultation with Jack Shannon, our in-house expert who is not a salesperson.

Visual South typically works with companies that manufacture something. These companies are experts in their products, but not experts in implementing ERP—and that is why they come to us. Our team can guide you through a successful implementation of ERP solutions for your company, and be a valued resource for years to come.

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Bryan Foshee

Written by Bryan Foshee

Bryan is the Vice President at Visual South and has been working with the company since 2002. Prior to that, he was a consultant and implemented SAP in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.