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Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine ERP Pricing and Budgeting Tips

9/29/21 10:00 AM


Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine ERP Pricing – How It Works

Whether you are working with an Infor Channel Partner or Infor Direct, you’re using the same pricing data. There are no dealer markups or first-line support charges like those that value-added resellers (VARs) typically pass on to their customers.

Also, if you purchase Infor ERP from a certified Infor Channel Partner like Visual South, you use the same Infor contracts, terms, access, and help desk support. In short, it’s important to understand the relationship structures when working with a partner, reseller, or VAR, as not all software companies manage those relationships the same.

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Set your budget based on your business needs

Aside from how Infor SyteLine’s pricing works, your ERP budget should be determined by your business requirements. You want to align your requirements with the solutions that can address those drivers. For example, if you don’t do e-commerce, there is no need to buy CloudSuite portals. Or if you are strictly a make-to-order manufacturer, you might not care about forecasting; but if you are a build-to-stock company, then you probably want to include Advanced Forecasting in your quote.

The Visual South team invests significant time in understanding your current and future requirements because it allows us to prescribe the proper remedies and right-sized software out of the gate. Our team will communicate our understanding of your business situation and needs, and then you will provide your feedback and validation—or inform us if we need to make adjustments. Sometimes our customers push back on the process because it does take time and effort. We often hear, “Can’t you just show us a demo and get us a quote?” The answer truly is “no.” If you want a demo that speaks to your business issues and pricing that includes a proper software configuration that aligns with your business issues, it takes time.

Sooner or later, you need to do your due diligence in regards to vetting your requirements, and work with a software team like Infor and Visual South who have the experience to guide you properly through the ERP selection process.

Factor user and device counts into Infor ERP pricing

Another consideration that factors into Infor CloudSuite/SyteLine ERP pricing is the number of user licenses you need. Visual South will work with you, going department by department, to get a firm number of either named users or concurrent users that require licenses. You’ll list your expected users and validate the user counts with department heads. Accurate user counts are critical for right-sizing your licenses and not over-investing on unneeded users. We only want you to buy what you need.

Similarly, you must count the required number of device licenses. For example, how many devices are needed to track labor across the shop floor or perform material barcode and warehouse transactions? How many devices do field techs need to perform service-related activities? Get an accurate count based on the most efficient use of time for those activities. For example, you don’t want too few labor collection devices on the shop floor as it could cause lost time if operators have to walk inconvenient distances to log in and out of jobs. Our team can help you tackle this effort, ensuring your licensed device count is as optimized as possible.

A Practical Guide to ERP Selection



The Visual South and Infor team can provide excellent guidance on getting you the best Infor CloudSuite/SyteLine ERP pricing. But remember that it takes work. You are configuring an application that touches all aspects of your business, from opportunity to after-market service. That is a big functional footprint and it does require effort. We can help.

Visual South helps SMB manufacturing companies identify and solve problems to improve their operations. Our team understands manufacturing and uses the Infor ERP toolset to address your business needs and achieve your business goals. If you are looking for a new solution and need to put together a budget for the project, we can provide you with the guidance to generate a number that you can use with confidence. If you are looking to evaluate ERP, our team can provide guidance there as well

For more resources, please visit www.visualsouth.com. Or to discuss how we can help with Infor ERP budgeting, please reach out to schedule a free consultation.

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Tim O'Brien

Written by Tim O'Brien

Tim has over 20 years of successful experience helping companies improve their processes and operations using enterprise software solutions. Those enterprise solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning for manufacturers, Service Management for service oriented companies, and Enterprise Asset Management in the process manufacturing industry.