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Why Switch from Infor VISUAL to Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine ERP?

11/24/21 10:00 AM


Should you switch from Infor VISUAL to Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine ERP?

The team at Visual South often discusses that question, both internally and with our customers, and the answer varies. The fact is, you need a reason to switch. A real business reason (or reasons). Otherwise, it will be difficult for “to order” manufacturers to justify the ROI to replace a highly functional ERP application like Infor VISUAL.

If VISUAL is working fine for you, there may be no reason to move. If you think you can better utilize VISUAL ERP, our team can help. But if you have maximized VISUAL’s functionality and scalability, it might be worth switching to CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine. But let’s validate that case together.

Business Reasons To Make the Switch

Typically, companies start to consider changing their ERP because the business itself changes, and new requirements call for additional functionality. For example, if you are an engineer to order capital equipment manufacturer, and want to start doing the install, warranty, service contracts, and maintenance with your own internal team, looking at CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine makes sense because of the outstanding Service Management module that comes with the application. Numerous manufacturers have found that the service and replacement parts business can be exceptionally profitable, while also leading to higher customer satisfaction. There is a business case for possibly changing from VISUAL to CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine in this scenario.

There may also be justifications as organizations grow into multi-site, multi-manufacturing mode, with varying costing method requirements; an increased need for forecasting, sales, and operations planning; and more centralized supply chain and planning needs. Infor CloudSuite Industrial SyteLine has specific tools to address these needs.

Another scenario we often see is when our VISUAL ERP customers are purchased by a private equity group and have initiatives to modernize the business, with the goal of increasing the value of the organization. Modernizing often includes moving to a true cloud-based subscription model ERP like Infor CloudSuite Industrial. There are many C-Suite executives who push for cloud-based applications as it ultimately allows the organization to focus on the business, versus keeping up the ERP IT infrastructure. In some cases, having a cloud deployment is simply more cost effective as well. (We can work with you to assess the total cost of ownership, for all of your ERP options.)

Additionally, having a highly recognized ERP like Infor CloudSuite can add value to a company that may be potentially sold in the future. CloudSuite is classified in the Leader’s Quadrant by Gartner Group; considered a Top 4 and "Titan" by Panorama Consulting; and highly recognized by other leading independent technology consulting groups such as Nucleus Research and Technology Evaluation Centers.

When Not To Switch

In some cases, companies want to make the switch from VISUAL to CloudSuite for the wrong reasons. This most commonly happens when new management comes in, and the ERP is not working to help recognize efficiencies in the way that it should. The new leadership hears that the system can’t do certain things or isn’t good, but oftentimes these negative assertions are not accurate. The users simply do not know what VISUAL is capable of, haven’t been trained, and don’t have established procedures to properly use the application. So, it may be correct that the system is not working well. However, it may not be working well because VISUAL is not being used properly.

We have helped companies in this scenario identify gaps and issues, prescribing remedies, creating actions plans, and executing those plans. That process typically starts with a Usage Assessment and Process Review. The result is a properly working VISUAL ERP application that is now viewed as an asset and tool that helps the company. These companies may have saved budget dollars and an inordinate number of internal hours by fixing the issues with VISUAL, versus putting in a new ERP. Our team can certainly help you understand the path forward to address a situation like this.

Path to Clarity

So, should you switch from VISUAL to Infor CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine? Let’s talk about it. We need to discuss your situation to understand your business issues. We’ll be able to answer whether your issues can be addressed by VISUAL, and how that process would take place. And we’ll answer whether those issues could be addressed with CloudSuite Industrial/SyteLine. Then, we’ll provide you with estimates to achieve your desired goals with either Infor application, giving you clarity on a path forward (and real budgetary numbers, versus assuming and guessing). We have gone through our defined process many times, and the ultimate benefit is that you as a customer have clear options based on facts.


If you are interested in understanding your options with VISUAL and a possible migration to Infor CloudSuite Industrial, let’s schedule a call. We’ll discuss the process and lay out next steps for providing you with options, and actions and budgets associated with those options. Simply reach out for a free consultation.

Visual South helps our Infor ERP customers better understand and utilize their Infor manufacturing-centric ERP applications. Whether you want tactical help on better understanding a module, or guidance on your possible transition to the cloud, our team can help. For more information about us, please visit Visual South.

Tim O'Brien

Written by Tim O'Brien

Tim has over 20 years of successful experience helping companies improve their processes and operations using enterprise software solutions. Those enterprise solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning for manufacturers, Service Management for service oriented companies, and Enterprise Asset Management in the process manufacturing industry.