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The Most Important Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial Optional Modules – Take Them or Leave Them?

3/3/21 10:00 AM


What are the best optional SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial modules?

The question of which are the best optional modules in Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial is contingent upon your business requirements. So, the actual answer is…“it depends”.

The first thing to know is there are two distinct core sets of functionalities that make up the Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP for the cloud, and the Infor SyteLine offering that is deployed on premise. They are the same code sets, but bundled differently. The SyteLine on premise offering is more a la carte, whereas CloudSuite Industrial’s cloud-based subscription includes more functional attributes. However, there is an abundance of ERP modules available with both options.

For example, CloudSuite Industrial includes the Infor OS (Ming.le collaboration, Ming.le Homepages, ION Workflow and Alerts, Infor Document Management, and Infor Analytics with Data Lake), Infor CloudSuite Service Management, and CloudSuite Quality Control System. Also included are interfaces for credit cards, taxes (such as Avalara), and payroll. Additionally, the SaaS bundle includes Infor Implementation Accelerators and Process Manager, which are beneficial during implementation.

Factory Track

However, the number one optional Cloudsuite Industrial Module regardless of deployment, would be Infor Factory Track. It is imperative to have this high-end browser-based application for the simple reason that it is used for labor collection on the shop floor. With Factory Track’s labor collection, you gain accurate labor hours against work orders, driving accurate job costs. By having labor time, you can relieve the production schedule and gain the ability to have an accurate schedule—the Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial Advanced Planning and Scheduling module can determine what work is left to be complete in the next schedule run.

Quality Control System

Another module we see most often used by our customers is Quality Control. Many of our customers have quality certifications, such as ISO 9100, aerospace, or automotive-driven certifications or compliance. Having a fully integrated quality suite is an imperative functional requirement for anyone looking at ERP options. Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial QCS addresses all quality requirements.

Service Management

Service Management is also being leveraged heavily by many customers. Manufacturers are learning that aftermarket service and repair, and replacement parts, can be a great profit center. This is especially important for those who do capital equipment and engineer-to-order project-based manufacturing. Service can be used for installation, service contracts, maintenance contracts, and repair work, as well as managing both facility and customer maintenance.

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Other Commonly Used Optional Modules


Often leveraged on a case-by-case basis, CloudSuite Portals offers B2B and B2C e-commerce abilities. Additionally, the module can include a vendor and dealer portal.

Forecasting and SytePlan

Two distinct SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial modules that are differentiators are Forecasting and SytePlan Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Many ERP providers have to rely on third parties to deliver this kind of functionality. Having forecasting is important for customers who typically build to stock and build to forecast. The S&OP module allows business leaders to set revenue targets, broken down by specific product lines and products. This creates a detailed plan of the product mix and quantity needing to be sold to meet business goals. S&OP used in tandem with forecasting gives businesses a distinct advantage because they enable proper planning to achieve revenue growth.

Infor CPQ

Another Infor family product many of our customers have adopted Is Infor CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote). Infor CPQ is perfect for those who are configure-to-order and/or have complex pricing models. Those using Infor CPQ have seen sales grow due to having a sales tool available for consumers and dealers 24x7. Infor CPQ provides fast and accurate product configuration and pricing. Additionally, the configured Bill of Material is passed to the ERP, creating a perfectly configured production work order. The inclusion of 3D modeling with an exploded view of Bill of Materials allows Infor CPQ users to visually see configurations as they are being built and changed. Infor CPQ also has full CAD integration, increasing the speed, accuracy, and efficiency for those in engineering.

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The recurring theme with Infor is that it is far less dependent on third party and partner products when compared to other ERPs, such as Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP SMB ERP products. It is simply a difference in philosophy: Infor builds manufacturing-centric, industry-specific solution suites and others build more generic, vertical industry solutions with a bevy of third-party integrations.

To learn more about the Infor SyteLine/CloudSuite Industrial modules and core functionality, please visit the Visual South website or reach out to schedule your free assessment here.

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Tim O'Brien

Written by Tim O'Brien

Tim has over 20 years of successful experience helping companies improve their processes and operations using enterprise software solutions. Those enterprise solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning for manufacturers, Service Management for service oriented companies, and Enterprise Asset Management in the process manufacturing industry.