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20 Best ERP Implementation Resources

7/22/20 10:00 AM


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Over the last few years, we have created a ton of content about ERP implementations. This blog brings our most popular articles together for you in one place! In no particular order, here are our 20 best resources.

1. How to Implement an ERP System Step-by-Step. Learn all the phases of ERP implementation, explained in simple terms.

2.  What to Expect During an Infor VISUAL ERP Implementation. Here is what to watch out for during implementation so you can avoid common mistakes.

3.  ERP Implementation Roles & Responsibilities: How to Build Your Team: Your internal team is just as important as the software you choose. Read this article to learn how to get the right people involved.

4. Why Evaluating ERP Implementation Consultants is as Important as Evaluating ERP Software: It is easy to focus on software features and functionality during an evaluation, but the people who are helping you implement are even more critical to your success.

5. Common Structures of an ERP Team: Have you thought about what personalities will make your implementation team as strong as possible?

6. 5 Characteristics of ERP Implementation Failures: No one wants to fail. Read this blog to learn about warning signs that make a recipe for disaster.

7. 5 Characteristics of Successful ERP Implementations: Is “going live” your definition of success?  While it is part of the equation, we have many more ways to measure your success.

8. A Project Leader’s Role in an ERP Implementation: Every project and team needs a leader.  Check out this blog to learn about the critical role of that person.

9. ERP Implementation: How to Get Your Employees on Board: Not everyone is excited about implementing a new ERP. Many people resist change or may not want to be a part of the process. Read this article for advice on how to get your employees on board.

10. Top 10 Things I Wish My ERP Implementation Partner Told Me About: Hindsight is 20/20, right? Read this blog to learn things you wish you knew BEFORE implementing ERP.

11. What is the ERP Implementation Project Manager Responsible For?:  The ERP project manager is a critical role; the job is both an art and science, and takes a special person.

12. What We Look for in a Consultant at Visual South: Our most important asset at Visual South is our people. Here’s what we look for when hiring implementation experts.

13. ERP Implementation Strategy: Advice From 30+ Years of Experience: A lot of companies look at their ERP implementation in a tactical instead of a strategic way. Find out how to use your implementation as a strategic weapon for your organization.

14. Why Visual South is a Good Choice as an Infor Channel Partner: Visual South has been in business over 25 years and our team has hundreds of years of combined experience in manufacturing, service, and ERP. This article explains why we think we are an excellent company to partner with.

15. ERP Implementation in the Manufacturing Industry: ERP implementations can be beneficial to all sorts of companies, especially those in the manufacturing industry.

16. The Issue with Using QuickBooks for Manufacturing: Using QuickBooks for your manufacturing ERP? Thinking about implementing something else?  Check out this blog.

17. The Hidden Costs in ERP Implementation: Understanding how much a software costs, and how much implementation services and training will run you is pretty straightforward. Read this blog to discover other costs you may not be aware of.

18. ERP Implementation Timeline & Project Plan: A lot of things have to be done during an ERP implementation and there is always a deadline. Read here to learn about project plans and timelines.

19. Our Top 15 Infor Product Resources from 2019: This blog covers all of our best resources about Infor products, as well as some great ERP implementation resources.

20. Your ERP Implementation & Go-Live Date is the Beginning, Not the End: After going live, you are just getting started on your path to continuous improvement. This article explains why.

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I hope this list of ERP implementation resources was helpful to you. Visual South's goal is to educate and enlighten you on your journey.

Most companies don’t evaluate ERP on a regular basis. If you are looking for ERP and not sure where to start, how about talking to an expert who is not a sales person? Click here to learn more about Jack Shannon, and sign up for a free phone consultation to discuss your situation.

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Bryan Foshee

Written by Bryan Foshee

Bryan is a Regional Manager at Visual South and has been working with the company since 2002. Prior to that, he was a consultant and implemented SAP in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.